#005 – On today’s podcast we have 32-year active duty Army Sgt. Major Scott Fortune.  For those that are still on active duty he is Sgt. Major to you, but for those of us who have crossed over, we know him as the CEO of Fortune International Seminars, an international leadership, and speaker training company.  Scott started his company a little over 2 years ago and as of this taping has branched out to the overseas market making sales of his latest and in demand DVD training video on leadership.   Scott is a duel certified speaker and trainer of the Les Brown Institute, and the John Maxwell Team His mission is to bring individuals and their organizations around the globe trainings and seminars that set their professional workforce and organization up for success at an affordable price. 

Scott enjoys bringing out the best of his clients by challenging them and getting them out of their comfort zone.   He says Be intentional about your goals and dreams and take action.  Find someone that has done it before you.  Learn from those that have walked the path before you.

Scott credits his mentors with his success and drive that challenges him to continue striving for greatness.

One quote that he uses is: “we should be ashamed to die until we have made some type of social contribution or won a victory for humanity by Horace Mann.