#004 – On today’s podcast we have Army Vet Thomas Harrelson owner of TMH Global.  Thomas joined the army in 1988 and worked as a radio operator and wire runner.  Thomas’s career was cut short due to health reasons and was medically discharged after serving 3.5 years.

Thomas currently owns and operates his own accounting firm located in Woodbridge VA where his services range from tax preparation, credit repair, and all things connected to your financial needs.  In addition to serving his clients accounting needs he has founded the non-profit organization (elite entrepreneur circle) 22:30.  The purpose of this organization is to teach entrepreneurs the  art of building relationships through networking.   He says that throughout his years in business and attending networking events it appears to be all about getting business cards, but he then said what do you do once you get those business cards.  That’s where Elite Entrepreneur circle comes into play.

One thing that Thomas is adamant about is making sure entrepreneurs know the hard work you are going to have to put in to become success or the struggle that comes with being a business owner.  He goes on to say that a lot of times when you see adds of gurus pitching their products, they show the glitz and glamour of their current life.  “What was it like before the cars, and house”.  You see, they don’t show that truth.  He makes it his mission to let business owners know this is a tough business and you need to get your mind prepared for the long journey.

Thomas is big on time management and fostering a team to surround himself with.  He says the one thing that hinders an entrepreneur is the I can do it all attitude, and no one can do it like me.  Once you change that way of thinking you’ll become more productive, profitable, and precise.  Case in point, get an assistant to handle lower priority things so you can focus on the high priority tasks that call for a CEO’s touch.  Then investigate sitting on other company’s boards.  This is an overlooked gold mind when it comes to fostering teamwork and tapping into skill sets of others.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that by sitting on certain boards leads to potential income.

When asked what he missed the most about the Army, he replied: SOPs,

When starting a business if you set up SOPs to standardardize the running of your business, you can rest assured that your business can run itself when you are not around. (47:00)

Marching Millionaires listen up as this once Army Radio Operator talks about how he went from looking for a job/career to how his skills led him to opening his own firm