#006 – Hey Marching Millionaires on today’s episode we have 6-year army medic, turned civilian nurse, turned cybersecurity expert, and Master Funnel Builder Ken Underhill on the show.  Now Ken has so much going on that we had to break this interview into two parts and once you start to listen, you’ll see why. 

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Now as I mentioned earlier, I had to break Ken’s interview up into two parts and today we are going to talk about ken’s Funnel company “Swirl Funnel Consultants”.  Ken is a Master Funnel Builder, building funnels for over 5 years.  Ken’s company “swirl funnel consultant”, teaches business owners how to maximize their exposure and gain clients by creating sales funnels. 

He is also a Course Building Expert with over 1,000,000 students, so you can imagine he knows his stuff and how to use the power of funnels and copywriting to scale businesses.

To Kens credibility is the 2019 SC Media Reboot Leadership Award Winner.

A former computer hacker turned FUNNEL Hacker Ken now uses his powers for good by Teaching and giving back to his students. 

His online courses make using funnels a breeze for small business owners who are struggling to make more money.

Today’s podcast lends itself to a powerful masterclass on building and using funnels to attract the right client for the lowest cost point.

Listen in Marching Millionaires as Ken talks about google trends, keywords, strategy, up sails, and down sails. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Ken Underhill

Today’s content was like no other, the value that our guest Ken Underhill provided left us picking up our jaws.  If you have a business and were wondering how to use funnels, ken built your entire sales funnel during this episode.   Do me a favor if you liked todays podcast, rate the show and write a short review.  You can reach me at forwardmarchingpodcast@trinitywealthbuilders.com or you can search Forward Marching Millionaire on all the social media platforms.  See you next time Marching Millionaires and remember” 

We salute you for defending us in the Trenches, Now it’s your time to walk into your Destiny.

Marching Millionaire 1 out